ShareVOX – Google Cloud Anchors

I had the exciting opportunity to work alongside Phoria and Google with Cloud Anchors, as part of the buildup to their release at I/O 2018. I worked with a small team to create ShareVOX; a collaborative AR voxel builder that lets you leave ‘voxes’ anywhere in the world for others to find and build on.

The new capabilities offered by Google’s Cloud Anchors allowed multiple people to see AR content in exactly the same place for the first time. This enabled us to create features like live collaborative multi-user editing in a space, and centimeter-accurate interactions with real-world features like doorways or furniture. We also integrated with Google Blocks to allow you to upload and save your creations.

The team consisted of Sam Tate (UX/UI Design) , Lucas Hehir (Voxel editor engine & Firebase integration) and myself.

The app was shown on-stage at I/O 201 during the ‘What’s new in AR’ presentation alongside apps from other contributors like NASA, and was featured on ‘That Startup Show’.


Sharing voxel art in AR with ShareVOX


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