Dummyhead Depaysemen

Rus Brockman and I directed this clip for Tokyo-based fashion label Dummyhead Depaysemen’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. The concept was drawn from the same source as the collection – a poem about a rain-man and a rain-woman, defeated; and the dampened gloom that begins the Japanese rainy season.

The video was featured on fashion blogs and screened at a pop-up store in LaForet Harajuku, Tokyo.




Directed by Ben Ferns and Rus Brockman
Produced by Showroom Babylon
Costume design by Dummyhead Depaysemen
Models: Takeshi Uematsu and Julie Roche,
Hair Stylist: Yusuke Ukai,
Make-up: Ebara,
Stylist: Tatsuya Shimada
Camera and Electrical Department: Toshikazu Kaneto
Visual Effects: Ben Ferns
Original Music by Sachiko

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