10 Sep
Courtney Wing – Virtual Idol

While in Shanghai we ran into multi-instrumentalist musician Courtney Wing, and decided to turn him into a virtual idol for his performance at the flagship Shanghai Apple Store that evening. 6 short hours later and laser-surfing iPad-app Wing was ready to join his doppelganger at the gig.

18 Jan
Artery: Metaverse Makeovers Article

The Australia Council for the Arts blog Artery profiles Thea Baumann and the Metaverse Makeovers project we’re currently working on: Most manicurists define bling as painting little pictures or designs on fingernails, or perhaps applying tiny decals or imitation jewels. It could be called art, at a pinch, but what if you could look at

01 Aug
New Methods of Deception

A collaboration with Illustrator Rus Brockman, New Methods of Deception is a manual for evading detection in a future of ubiquitous sensors and analysis of huge volumes of data on individuals and societies. Constructed as an underground handbook for paranoiacs, dissidents, criminals, academics, cultural tourists and non-beings, it bears traces of its passage from mind-to-mind