19 Feb
AI-enhanced AR Experiment

An experiment in AI-enhanced AR – it can automatically recognize common objects via a neural-net and attempt to clone them in-situ from an online library of 3D models. More details and examples on my twitter feed: I’m using Unity3D’s early Tensorflow support and the approach they use to provide ‘observations’ (images from a

19 Feb
Westpac Global AR Keynote

I was asked to create a system that would allow an AR presentation to be shown on-location in a theatre, and live-streamed globally to branches, with high quality video output from a handheld camera and stationary cameras. Due to NDAs, none of the presentation content can be shown, but I can show both the camera

29 Jul
Metaverse Nails Media Roundup

An updated selection of the coverage Metaverse Nails has received: – This Unbelievable Nail Art Will Level-Up Your Instagram Game i-D Magazine – virtual reality nail art is here and it’s insane TechInAsia – Nail art meets augmented reality in this new app The Age – In the world of wearable technology, Melbourne nails

09 Jul
Exploration #1

Seeing what I can do with some audio-reactive 3d cylinders and tracking. Music used for the test and the video is an edit of De De Mouse‘s Windowlicker (slice & scramble mix). I saw him at SuperDeluxe the other week and started thinking about minimal glitchy visuals while watching Leno VJ